Our proud partner journey

Systems Consulting is a SASAC Approved Vendor. We have developed SASAC’s training material and training program in accordance to their provided and developed strategy. We are proud to be a Vendor partner to them and support their strategy which mitigates the risk and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SASAC is a non-profit organisation who offers a vetting process to assist in regulating services offered to its Vendors clients as well as provide specific protocols and procedure that can be adopted in businesses to assist with mitigating the risks effectively.

SASAC’s strategy covers all sectors of businesses within its strategy with specific protocols and procedures different environments which includes the public transport and individual safety measures to massively reduce the curve spread rate. SASAC has also developed a tracing platform within the strategy with minimal impact to the invasion of an individuals privacy, the tracing strategy can be invaluable to the countries tracing strategies of infected cases.